Directed By Alix Blair and Jeremy Lange
I found the film incredibly moving, honest and the best film portrayal of the difficulties of transitioning from military to civilian life for a combat veteran that I have ever had the privilege of viewing.
- Dr. Irving Kuo, Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System
Home from three combat tours in Iraq, Alex Sutton forges a new identity as a farmer, hatching chicks and raising goats on 43 acres in rural North Carolina. He dives into life on the farm with his new love Jessica, but cannot shake the lingering traumas of war. The stories he tells about battlefield experiences become unmoored from reality as he cycles between states of heightened awareness and “feeling zombified” from a cocktail of prescriptions meant to keep him stable. For the viewer, as for Alex, what to believe about his past is uncertain. The farm becomes a terrain to unearth what is buried, what it really means to be “the perfect soldier,” and where to find the way forward.

Unflinching and occasionally unsettling, Farmer/Veteran burrows past the flag-waving and the stigma that have shrouded returning soldiers of every age, inviting us to witness the bent but unbroken path of one warrior’s rebuilding.
- Jon Kieran, New Orleans Film Festival
The film was truly powerful, and certainly opened our eyes to a very personal and serious struggle that our military men and women face upon returning home. I personally believe that this is definitely a film that requires a community discussion and brainstorming session afterward to deal with the issues brought up.
- Kasey Nowalk, Elkin Public Library
The filmmakers' delicate portrayal of a psychologically shattered veteran was expertly shot, edited, and framed as both a heartbreaking portrait of an individual soldier and an indictment of our inability to deal with the health of those who return.
- Brooklyn Film Festival Jury
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Directed By Alix Blair and Jeremy Lange

Produced by D.L. Anderson, Mikel Barton

Edited by D.L. Anderson, Nyneve Laura Minnear

Music by Phil Cook