Big Charity
Directed By Alexander John Glustrom
A riveting documentary about heroism, controversy and progress told through the story of one of the most important institutions in American medical history.
- Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent
BIG CHARITY shares the untold story of Charity Hospital - an iconic New Orleans institution which was closed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Through firsthand accounts of hospital employees who withstood the storm, as well as interviews with key players involved in the flood's aftermath, the film raises a troubling question - was the decision to close New Orleans' functioning hospital for the poor driven by the opportunity to use Katrina FEMA money for something new?

Shot over the course of 10 years, BIG CHARITY unveils the truth about one of the largest single payouts of federal disaster funds in Louisiana's history.

...audacious, careful, outraged, and serious an examination of how the legendary system of healthcare for the poor and indigent in New Orleans was shut down thanks a convenient catastrophe. Is this the future of American healthcare?
- Harry Shearer
[It] will have you seething with rage or streaming with tears at the human cost in lives, jobs and wasted FEMA funds.
- Magnet Magazine
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Directed By Alexander John Glustrom

Produced by Alex Glustrom, Ben Johnson, Catherine Rierson

Cinematography by Alex Glustrom

Edited by Alex Glustrom, Tim Watson

Music by Ben Johnson